Monday, August 24, 2015

Another week of Digital Tools

 Another week of learning in the Digital Tools class taught by Bryan Rodrigues. This week with this self portrait homework piece,
I learned by adding shadows in Adobe Illustrator I need to rastorize my piece which changes my vector file (like my cards in the last post) to a pixilated file. Months ago I would not have been able to construct such a sentence! This learning thing rocks!

So now we are finished with Adobe Illustrator and moving on to INDESIGN, where I may learn how to set up files for postcards books and brochures!

Because class was held on Halloween my classmate Sandy and I dressed for the holiday. Sandy was a witch in lavender and black, and I dressed as 17th century model for the dutch painter Vermeer.

Sandy, who is also studying drawing and painting says she wants to paint me in this outfit Vermeer style. How cool is that?

This picture was originally two separate pictures, one of Sandy, one of myself, with artwork hanging behind us. With my Photoshop skills, I took out the paintings and put Sandy and I beside each other...and added 1/3 of the scarf to the right side!  Ah the magic of Photoshop. There is no end to the possibilities.

Visit my blog for the post on my Vector card images.

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