About the certificate program

Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education offered a certificate program in Children's Book Illustration for 10 years. The certificate has been discontinued, but classes related to Children's Book Illustration will continue to be offered periodically, including: 
  • Intro to Illustration 
  • The Book Dummy (creating a prototype of your children's book) 
  • Character Design
  • Writing for Children 

Many of the graduates of the certificate program have gone on to have books published. 

Here is the info for what the program entailed:

This program is geared towards adult students, many of whom have college and professional experience but want 
to upgrade their skills or make a career change. Part-time evening study allows people with 
career or family commitments to come back to school.

Cheryl Kirk Noll, Certificate Advisor

Aspiring illustrators are introduced to the multifaceted world of children’s book design and illustration while surveying the creative, technical and business aspects of the illustration field. With an emphasis on process, students develop the skills in drawing, painting, writing, digital design, research and development they need to embark on an illustration career. Creating pictures that capture ideas is the central focus, as students become familiar with the unique formats and protocols of this highly specialized field while building an eye-catching portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any requirements for admission?

A. Only those listed in the RISD catalog or web site, enrollment is open to all adults.

Q. When do classes meet?

A. Most classes meet once a week from 7-10 PM, although there are some day classes offered in the summer and Wintersession, on Saturdays, and occasionally at the Tillinghast campus in Barrington RI.

Q. How long does the program take to complete?

A. This varies widely. Once you have completed the foundation level, you are advised to take the Children's Book Illustration courses in sequence. Illustration I is offered in the fall, II in the spring, III in the fall and IV (Final Projects) in the spring, so this takes 2 years.

During that time, you can often fit in your computer classes and electives. How Professionals Design their Portfolios is a one day workshop during Wintersession, and 18 credit courses meet for 6 weeks instead of 12.

The majority of students take 1 or 2 classes per semester, especially if they have jobs and family. There is an opportunity to bunch more classes in the summer, since day classes are often available as well.

There are approximately 15 required classes. At 1 class per semester, 4 semesters a year (fall, winter, spring and summer) it would take 15 semesters. At 2 classes per semester, 4 semesters a year, it would take 8 semesters, but not all classes are offered all semesters, so it can be a bit more complicated. Because of the illustration sequence, a minimum of 2 years is required. You can schedule an appointment to discuss how to plan your schedule by contacting Cheryl Kirk Noll, ckirknoll@verizon.net

Q. How much work is there?

A. 5 to 15 hours of homework per class per week.

Q. Where do graduates work, what kind of jobs do they get?

A. Illustrating children's books is almost exclusively freelance work, although some students use their experience to enter full-time fields such as teaching, library sciences, toy design and book production.

Q. Is there any credit for life experience or classes taken outside of RISD?

A. Waivers can be granted for up to 4 required classes with approval from the certificate adviser. (Transcript letter from school or portfolio review) There is a $35 fee for each waiver.

Q. When can I sign up?

A. Classes begin 4 times a year.

Q. How much does the program cost?

A. There is no official cost for the entire program. If you took all of the required classes, the costs would currently be along these lines.

10 36 hour classes @ $495 = $ 4,950.00
2 18 hour Classes @ $345 = $ 690.00
2 36 hour computer classes @ $595 = $ 1,190.00
1 3 hour class @ $120 = $120.00
Total $ 6,950.00
(Supplies and lab fees are extra)

Certificate students pay a $35.00 fee per semester, regardless of the amount of classes taken. This fee is retroactive if a student has taken classes and later decides to apply them to a certificate program.

Costs may change but this is current as of 9/2015.

Q. Where do I get more information?

A. Go to the RISD CE website for everything you ever wanted to know about RISD CE, including certificate programs, course listings, tuition and fees.
Or contact the RISD CE office @ 401-454-6200.

or contact Cheryl Kirk Noll, program adviser @ ckirknoll@verizon.net

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