Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RISD CE students enter Tomie dePaola contest

Well-know children's book illustrator Tomie dePaola has an annual children's illustration contest through SCBWI, with the winner chosen by Tomie himself. This year the prompt was to choose a passage, line or description from one of the following classics: "Little Women," "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", or "The Yearling." The illustration had to be in black and white, including half-tones. For more information about the contest itself, go to the contest guidelines at SCBWI.  

A number of our students did fantastic illustrations and entered them into the contest. Although they were not among the winners, in my book they're winners for taking on an assignment and doing terrific new work! Those that I saw on the website were:

Jessica Halley
Linda Norman-Lyman
Brook Gideon
Milanka Reardon
Kristina Hickman
Cindy Cornwall
Marcela Staudenmaier
Jeanette Bradley

To see the unofficial Gallery of entries go to

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