Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend Technique Workshops Great for Illustration Students

Many students have expressed a desire to get more experience with specific media in a way that is geared towards illustration. Now you have the opportunity!

Students in a summer RISD-CE class
In June and July of this year, six weekend technique intensive workshops are being offered, each running from 10-4 on a Saturday and Sunday. The media offered are:

Mixed Media
Oil Painting
Pen & Ink

The instructors include Michele Noiset, who gets rave reviews for the Drawing Children class that she teaches during wintersession, Mara Metcalf, Amy Bartlett Wright, Amy Wynne-Derry, and Eleanor Sabin.

To find out more about the workshops, go to:
Plug-in weekend technique intensives in search or find to bring up the list.


  1. I highly recommend any class with Amy Bartlett Wright, a knowledgeable and passionate instructor. She paints mostly in acrylic and her technique is practical and adaptable to many subjects. You'll be inspired to use acrylic more often!

  2. I took the mixed media intensive with Mara Metcalf. It was energizing, and I got to try out so many new techniques in just two days! A great weekend of playing with all sorts of media, and I even came out with a few pieces that I like enough to springboard into more work!