Monday, April 23, 2012

NESCBWI Poster Contest

A Whole New World.

That was the title of the 2012 NESCBWI conference in Springfield, MA. Two students from the RISD-CE Children's Book program placed in the poster contest, but many of our students produced and entered  fabulous art. I hope more of you will post your entries.
Congratulations to everyone.

Here is a piece by Cindy Cornwall, who graduated from the program last year:
© Cindy Cornwall, A Whole New World
To see the poster by Caroline Gray, go to her blog:


  1. Cindy, your poster is beautiful and cheerful! I like the white border around the figures: children would love this! It was great to meet you at the Conference!

  2. Thank you all! Despite struggling with the "vagueness" of the poster theme this year, the image finally came in a flash. And each year I'm refining the process and enjoying the journey more.
    Our "Team Rizzy" is making headway!