Monday, February 28, 2011

New work

Today I'm getting ready to send out my book dummy. Printing labels, addressing SASEs and all that jazz. I feel surprisingly depressed about it all. Maybe its just the miserable weather, but I thought I would be excited to be sending this out the door. Instead I feel the kind of anxiety that I felt on my kid's first day of kindergarten. Will my little book dummy make friends? Or will it get beat up on the playground?

In any case, I wanted to share this new image (just a sketch at this point) with y'all because I had so much fun making it. Blood orange juice on watercolor paper.


  1. Love the sketch!

    Love your analogy too. Your connection to kid's feelings is one of the reasons why your book (imho) has so much to say.

    I'm rooting for your book dummy's "special friend" to be out there... you just have to make the connection.

    Good luck, and congratulations for taking the big step.

  2. Thanks! I need the encouragement!