Monday, February 13, 2017

More Catching up: Student successes: Sarita Rich!

I'm trying to catch up with a few of the accomplishments of students from the RISD-CE Children's Book Illustration certificate program. Although the program is being discontinued, the students who went through the program are out there doing fantastic work.

Sarita Rich is one of those students. Her book, Hypnosis Harry, came out February 28, 2016, written by Catherine Bailey, published by Sky Pony Press. In the meantime, Sarita is busy working on more books and raising two daughters.
Hypnosis Harry, Illustrated by Sarita Rich

Want to read about how she got an agent?

Read the 7/11/16 blog interview
Author/Illustrator Sarita Rich travels the road of Persistence and Luck in acquiring a Picture Book Agent.
Interior spread of Hypnosis Harry, Illustrated by Sarita Rich

Another blog about her first book, Hypnosis Harry:

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